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Cymraeg Ail Iaith / Second Language Welsh


At Baden Powell Primary School the Welsh Language is very important and we pride ourselves in providing  pupils with the opportunities to develop Welsh language skills throughout the day.

We use a language continuum across the school to develop our knowledge of vocabulary and sentence patterns. 

If you click the links below, they will take you to an audio version of the continuums for the Foundation Phase and Key Stage 2. The vocabulary and sentence patterns are split up into year groups. 
 You can click on the play button to hear the Welsh being spoken. This is very helpful if you are not confident with Welsh yourself, but would like to help your child with it at home. 


Foundation Phase vocabulary and sentence patterns  

Key Stage 2 vocabulary and sentence patterns


Criw Cymraeg


We are the Criw Cymraeg of Baden Powell Primary School. We have two members from each class, from Year 3 to Year 6. You will spot us around the school as we wear a Criw Cymraeg badge.


What we do

  • We want to make children speak more welsh so we give out a Tocyn Iaith (Welsh language token) when we hear Welsh being spoken. 
  • We play Welsh playground games in the Foundation Phase playground. Our favourite is ' Faint o'r Gloch Mr Blaidd'. 
  • We set competitions every term for Welsh.
  • We help during Welsh assemblies.
  • We choose a Welsh sentence every 2 weeks and change it for the school to use.