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More Able and Talented (MAT) Learners

Supporting our More Able and Talented learners


In Wales, the term ‘more able and talented’ refers to about 20% of pupils who require enriched and extended opportunities to develop their abilities or talents in one or more areas.


In every school, there are more able and talented pupils who require greater support in learning than that provided for the majority of pupils. These pupils include those who are more able across the curriculum and may be capable of achieving above the expected level in the end-of-key-stage teacher assessments. They also include those pupils who show ability or are particularly talented in one or more specific areas, such as music, drama, art or sport.


MAT pupils at Baden Powell Primary


At Baden Powell Primary School we aim to provide a curriculum that is appropriate to the needs and abilities of all our children. We recognise that each child is unique, displaying a range of intelligences and abilities.
We plan our teaching and learning in such a way that we enable each child to develop their full potential academically, socially and spiritually. We respect the right of all children in our school, irrespective of differences in ability, to access a number of areas of learning, and to develop the knowledge, skills, understanding and attitudes that are necessary for their self-fulfilment and eventual development into active and responsible adults. The aims of our school include valuing the success of all our children and make reference to using a variety of methods of teaching and learning to provide equal opportunities for all. They also identify the commitment to giving all our children every opportunity to achieve the highest of standards.


How do we identify MAT learners


MAT learners are identified in collaboration between the class teachers, the MAT co-ordinator and senior leadership. Their progress is tracked and regular inspections of their work is undertaken to ensure the appropriate challenge is being applied. 


Issues and concerns


If a parent has a concern about any aspect of provision for more able and talented children he or she should first raise the issue with their child's class teacher. If the parent feels that her/his concern has not been addressed appropriately he or she should make an appointment with the ‘MAT Coordinator’ or Head teacher to discuss the issue further.


" If it doesn't challenge you - it doesn't change you"

Baden Powell MAT Policy