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Class 1

Croeso i Dosbarth 1!

Spring 1 & 2

Castles & Dragons

Our class teacher is Miss Molloy. Our teaching assistants are Mrs Niersmans, Mrs Parkins, Miss Lock and Miss Bakshi.

Our topic this term is 'Castles and Dragons'. Below is an outline of the different areas we will be covering during this topic. We have lots to exciting things going on this term so keep checking the class page for further updates and photos. 

Major Focus: Humanities (History/Geography)

Minor Focus:

Science and Technology (Technology)


Spring 1

Dragons and Knights

Castles around the world (including Wales)

Disneyland Castle

Kings and Queens

Princes and Princesses

Towers, Bridges and Tunnels



Spring 2

Traditional/Fairy Tales

Storybook Characters

Magic and fantasy

Wands and wishes

Goodies and baddies

Right & wrong

Welsh Traditions including music and dance

Our Eisteddfod Homework!

Zog can fly!

Still image for this video

7.2.20 - Our Trip to Caerphilly Castle!

13.1.20 Sleeping Beauty

This week we have been learning about Sleeping Beauty.
The children have problem solved to help Prince Philip cross the moat to get into the castle, they have followed directions to move about a castle and they have used WOW describing words to describe Aurora and Maleficent.
They have also created some incredible Castle paintings using a range of printing techniques and have included lots of details like arrow slits, drawbridges and battlements.

Autumn 1 & Autumn 2

What's On the Menu?

& Christmas

The Snowman

This week we have been learning about ice and snow. The children really enjoyed listening to and watching the story of The Snowman - we were very sad when he melted at the end! We have learnt about other things that melt and the children have melted chocolate bars to make some yummy Christmas lollies. We have made snowy pictures, counted snowballs and even made our own snow people (that won't melt!).

Dear Santa

Still image for this video
This week we have been reading Dear Santa which inspired us to do all sorts of learning to do with Christmas and presents! We have written and posted letters to Santa, measured and weighed different presents and even helped Santa find all of his presents after he lost them! You won't believe this video of Santa and his sleigh! 

Posting our letters to Santa

The Jolly Christmas Postman

We have absolutely loved this story! The children have written lots of letters to each other and have made Christmas cards for their families. We also went on a letter hunt because the Jolly Postman lost all of his letters! We had a brilliant time during outdoor learning making lots of different letters using natural things and exploring the mud kitchen.
There's a lovely video of Santa reading the story below and some photos of our learning this week.


7.10.19 & 14.10.19
We are enjoying this wonderful story over two weeks. The children are having an amazing time finding different ways to trap the evil pea and designing their own super veggies! The evil peas are causing so much trouble we are writing wanted posters to try to catch them!

Supertato Story Powerpoint

Oliver's Vegetables

This story is about a boy who only eats chips and doesn't like other vegetables .... until he goes to Grandpa's house! We loved this story and the children enjoyed exploring different healthy and unhealthy foods this week. We even went across to the Hwb to have some chips of our own!

Oliver's Vegetables - 30.9.19 - Here is a story map to help the children retell the story at home.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar

This week we have enjoyed the story of The Very Hungry Caterpillar. The children have learnt to recite the days of the week and have retold the story using picture prompts and through making story maps. We have also been making repeating patterns using a variety of things from around the classroom, such as beads or pompoms.


This week we introduced our topic "What's on the Menu?"
The children loved the story Handa's Surprise and have enjoyed exploring the different fruits in Handa's basket.

Starting school - The Gotcha Smile

This week the children have listened to the story The Gotcha Smile which is all about a little girl who starts a new school. We talked about ways to be kind to each other and make new friends.

Here's a link to listen to the story at home.

Maths Games to Play at Home!

Important Information 

Important Information 


Book Bags

Please ensure your child brings their book bag to school every day and please check inside daily for any letters or information. 

The children will be bringing books home every week to read with you. Sharing a book at a quiet time is brilliant to help support your son's or daughter's reading skills. Please remember to bring your book bag and reading diary to school every day.



We take part in PE on a Wednesday Morning. Please ensure that your child has a PE kit in school (a t-shirt and a pair of shorts) with their name on ready for us to take part in our sessions. 


Snack is £1 per week and the children are offered a range of healthy fruit and vegetables. Please bring this every Monday or alternatively you can pay in full for the half term. 



Please follow our school page on Twitter @BadenPowellPS for further updates! 

If you have any questions please see me in the morning or at the end of the day once all the children have been safely dismissed to their families.

Miss Molloy and the Class 1 team