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Class 11

Croeso i Dosbarth 11!

Welcome to Class 11!


Mr Booker - Class Teacher

Miss Trubey - TA (Tuesday - Friday)

Mrs Cole - TA (Monday) 
Mrs Plaisted - PPA Teacher


Autumn Term 1

Welcome to the Autumn term! Our theme for the term is 'The Time Machine' so our topic work will have a history focus.

This first half term we will be studying the Victorians. We will be learning all about children, workhouses, jobs, inventions and many more things from the Victorian era. 


There is lots of information on the internet if your child needs any extra help with homework or if they want to do extra research work. Here are some good websites to start with:

Horrible Histories has lots of videos about the 'Vile Victorians' too! 



It is so important that by Year 5 the children are more confident with their times tables. They are used daily in some way or other and your child will benefit greatly if they are encouraged to practice them regularly so they have a quick recall of facts. This can be done through writing them down, chanting them or playing games! There are lots of great games online that your child could benefit from. One of my favourites is Hit the Button created by Top Marks. 

Try it for yourself!


We use Welsh as part of all our lessons and throughout the day, not just in Welsh lessons. The children love playing a range of games during the daily 'Helpwr Heddiw' sessions. 

This term our topic is 'Hamdden' (Leisure) and we will be consolidating lots of the sentence patterns and vocabulary that we've learnt previously. Some of these include:

Dw i'n hoffi … I like...

Dw i'n mwynhau … I enjoy...

Dw i ddim yn hoffi … I don't like...

Dw i'n gallu … I can...

Dw i'n dwlu ar … I love

Yn fy marn i... In my opinion...

...achos… ...because...

...ond.. ...but...


At the moment the children are eating their lunches in the classroom. Please try to avoid over filling lunch boxes as the children struggle to finish it all in the time given. Our school is a nut free school, so please remember that items containing nuts are not to be sent it, this includes things like nutella spread in sandwiches. Please can school lunches be ordered in advance using Parent Pay. Our water fountains are not being used at the moment so we encourage the children to bring in their own water bottle. These are kept in the classroom to ensure the children can have a drink at any point during the day. 

Due to the current circumstances we are unable to provide snack in school. Please ensure that you send a healthy snack into school with your child. Examples of these would be fruit, cereal bars, yoghurt/frubes or vegetables to snack on such as carrot and cucumber sticks etc. 


Behaviour and Rewards

We have three simple and clear rules in Baden Powell - 

Be Safe.

Show respect.

Be the best you can be.

Using these rules, all classes follow the 'Good to Be Green' behaviour system. The aim is for each child to 'stay green' all day, which means they haven't received any warning or consequence cards. Verbal warnings are given first but if the rules continue to be broken, then a warning card will be given. This is then followed by another verbal warning, before consequence cards are given, such as losing part of their play time. 

We have a reward system in school called the VIP of the week (Very Important Pupil) Every class has a new VIP each week and they have earned the right to wear their own clothes to school. It is a special week for that child and it is clear for the adults and visitors to the school to see who has been working hard. So, if your child is wearing non-uniform and they are not VIP, it will take away the special reward that the VIP has earned for that week. 

P.E. is on Wednesday for this term. Your child does not need to bring their P.E. kit as we will not be changing into them for the forseeable future. However it is important that your child wears suitable footwear (trainers) to school on that day, or they can bring them in a bag to change into. If bad weather has been forecast for Wednesday, I may try to change the day for P.E. and then I will send a message on dojo to make you aware. 

We will post homework on Class Dojo on Friday. The children have the week to complete it. The tasks will be Literacy/Maths, spellings and a Welsh challenge.
Due to current circumstances, we are trying to limit the amount of paper that is sent into school, so please could homework be completed on paper. Then please take a photograph of the work and upload it onto your child's portfolio. 

Class Dojo is a great way to communicate between school and home so please feel free to message me on there if you have any questions. 



We listen to individual readers each week and also have daily group guided reading sessions. Reading books are being kept in school at the moment, but please try to encourage and support your child with their reading at home too. If you don't have any books at home, there are lots of e-books available from Oxford Owl



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