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Class 8

Croeso i dudalen Dosbarth 8

Welcome to Class 8

Class Teacher - Mrs Monteiro / Mrs Chantry

Support Staff - Mrs Parkins 




Reading with your child is one of the most important skills and a big focus for our school unfortunately due to the current situation we won’t be able to send reading books home.  We listen to individual readers weekly and have daily guided group reading sessions.  Please remember to use the online Oxford Owl website to access lots of e-books at home. 


Fruit Snack

You can bring your own healthy snack (fruit or vegetable sticks) to school to eat at playtime. 



Weekly spellings will be uploaded to Class dojo for you to learn at home. Once the children have completed their homework please send a photograph of their work uploaded to their portfolio and they'll receive extra homework dojo points!



Autumn Term  2021

This term our topic is 'Healthy Living'. 


As part of our topic we will be finding out how we can keep our bodies fit and healthy with a balanced diet and regular exercise. 



Language, Literacy & Communication:


- Retelling traditional tales and writing our own narrative stories.

-  Exploring and using adjectives (describing words) to improve our writing.

Writing instructions and exploring recipe writing.

-Using bossy verbs and adverbs.

-Writing letters (both formal and informal).

-Exploring playscripts and writing our own.

-We will also be developing our spellings, handwriting joins and completing our daily GGR activities. 




Maths & Numeracy:


-Reading and writing numbers to 1000. 

-Re-capping on time (analogue and digital). 

-Using Bar charts and Venn diagrams to represent data. 

-Rounding numbers to the nearest 10 and 100.

-Add a 2 digit number to, and subtract a 2 digit number from a 3 digit number, using the column addition method.

-Finding the difference between numbers to 1000.

-Multiplying and dividing numbers by 10 and 100.




Science & Technology, Humanities, Expressive arts &

This term we will be also: 


-Researching the 5 main food groups and finding out what a balanced diet is. 

- Exploring a variety of ways to keep our body fit and healthy.

-Measuring our heart rate before and after exercise. 

-Exploring the work of famous artists such as: Carl Warner and creating our own 'foodscapes'.

- Creating our very own Joe Wicks inspired fitness regime and using ICT devices to record and edit our videos.  

- Researching and gathering information on famous British athletes. 

- Learning about the dangers of smoking and how this can affect a person's body.

- Finding out about the importance of looking after our teeth. 




Every Friday morning we have 'mission time'. We have one outdoor learning activity and an activity chosen by our class during our pupil voice sessions. 


Important Welsh Questions


   Beth ydy dy enw di?What is your name?

Sut wyt ti'n teimlo?How is the weather?

Ble rwyt ti’n byw?- Where do you live?

Beth wyt ti’n wisgo?What are you wearing?

                         Beth wyt ti'n hoffi wneud yn yr ysgol? - What do you like to do in school? 

                                         Wyt ti'n hoffi Cymraeg? - Do you like Welsh?                                       

           Beth wyt ti'n gallu wneud?-   What do you like to do? 

Ydy Sam yn gallu dawnsio?Can Sam dance?

          Wyt ti eisiau chwarae rygbi?-Would you like to play rugby?


Diolch Mrs Monteiro, Mrs Chantry and Mrs Parkins


Useful Links

Mathsframe- is a website that can be used at home it will help support the children using lots of fun games. 

username: Badenpowell
password: Baden123!