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Class 4

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Adults in Class 4

Mrs Hill - teacher

Miss Phillips - teacher

Mrs Sage - TA


Autumn Term 1

Our theme is:

Back to the Future

The children will be finding out about Dinosaurs and creatures that lived long ago.


In addition the children will be working with Upbeat this half term and having lots of fun using drums.


Important Information


PE is on a Monday, your child has a bag in school for their PE kit and can leave it in school. 

We will send it home at the end of each term to be washed, please return it after the holiday, clearly labelled with your child's name on.

They will need a t shirt and shorts/jogging bottoms/leggings. 


Please remember to bring your reading bookbag to school every day!

When reading please only support when necessary, encourage your child to be as independent as possible!

Please practice your Key Words everyday, you could also practice writing these which will help when doing independent writing in school.



School Uniform

Please wear school uniform everyday, unless your child is VIP then they have earned the right to wear their own clothes for the week. 

Your child may come home a bit grubbier than you sent them in as a lot of our learning is through play and hands on experiences. If they come home grubby we apologise but they have had lots of fun and good quality learning in the process!


Please bring in £1 each week for snack money. You are more than welcome to pay for the whole half term which will be £8 for Autumn 1.


Learning at home

Below are some links to websites we use in school so children will be familiar with them, most of them are tablet friendly and lots of fun!


Many thanks for your support

Mrs Hill