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Croeso i Dosbarth 7!

Welcome to Class 7!

Teacher: Miss Letman & Mr Booker


Thank you for visiting Class 7's web page! Here you'll find some information about our class.


Plants & Animals



Class 7’s PE is on a Thursday.

Please make sure that your child has a PE kit in school at all times. It will need to contain a pair of shorts/leggings/trousers and a t-shirt. Please make sure all items are named. PE will go home every term to be washed.

We have also been doing 15 minutes of daily fitness activities covering a range of exercises to improve cardio fitness, flexibility, strength, balance and more. Ask your child for a demo and start your fitness journey with them!



Snack is £1 a week to be paid on Monday or you can pay for the half term. If you choose to bring in a snack from home then it must be either fresh or dried fruit e.g. an apple, grapes or raisins etc.

Children are allowed to bring in a small bottle of water for use in class. Only Water is allowed in the classroom.



The children will be given half-termly homework. During that half-term they need to practice their spellings, times tables and choose one task to complete from their homework sheet.



Reading books and Guided group reading

Children will read their reading book in class in week 1 and then the following week they do Guided group reading. Their reading books will be coming home in their book bags. Please feel free to encourage your child to read with you whenever possible. 



In KS2 we use Dojo points and at the end of the week the dojo point champion is awarded a certificate. We also have a helpwr Heddiw certificate for children who are speaking Welsh and a VIP who is chosen at the end of the week.



 You can follow us on Twitter @BadenPowellPS


Our Topic This half-term will be Plants and Animals. 



Miss Letman & Mr Booker






Mae chwaer gyda fi ond does dim                     I have a sister but I do not have a

brawd gyda fi.                                                   brother.

Ydw, dw i eisiau cath.                                       Yes, I want a cat.

Nag ydw, dw i ddim eisiau ci.                            No, I don’t want a dog

Mae crwban gyda Sam.                                     Sam has a tortoise.

Does dim ceffyl gyda Sam.                               Sam doesn’t have a horse.


Mae’r ci yn chwarae yn y parc.                          The dog plays in the park.

Mae’r ci yn hoffi bwyta bisgedi.                       The dog likes eating biscuits.

Mae’r eliffant yn byw yn y .                          The elephant lives in the zoo.


Dyma Gwen y ci.  Mae llygaid brown gyda Gwen.  Mae clustiau mawr gyda hi.   Mae Gwen yn gallu rhedeg yn gyflym.

Here is Gwen, the dog.  Gwen has brown eyes.  She has large ears.  Gwen is able to run quickly.