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Teachers: Miss Letman & Mrs Dolan



Thank you for visiting Class 7's web page! Here you'll find some information about our class.


Welcome to the Summer term!

Plants and animals

Focus this half-term- animals 

Pupil Voice

Week 1 and 2

Animals that live in the Arctic and Antarctica 







The children will be set homework on Class Dojo on a Friday. Children can upload their work to their portfolio and receive 5 dojos! Please ask the class teacher if you need support with Class Dojo. 

Mathsframe- is a website that can be used at home. It will help support the children's maths through the use of fun games. 

username: Badenpowell
password: Baden123!


Outdoor missions and P.E.

This term we have started our outdoor missions. We are focusing on creating a class garden where we can plant and grow different plants. We plan to work on the garden every Thursday. 

P.E. for this term is focused on athletics. We aim to do P.E. on a Friday so can all children wear trainers to school. 



Reading books and Guided group reading

Children will take part in weekly guided group reading sessions in class. The children will also read their own individual books. At the moment the children are not bringing home book bags. However, we still need your help in encouraging the children to read at home, here are websites that the children are familiar with. 


Teach Your Monster to Read: Free Phonics & Reading Game


Oxford Owl for School and Home


Top tips to support your child's reading 

  • Tell each other stories.
  • Chat about the things that you have read.
  • Talk about pictures in books.
  • Share stories even when you don’t have a book in front of you. Why not re-tell your favourite stories?
  • Bedtime is the perfect time to read together. It helps create a routine and can make going to bed something your child looks forward to.

Ask questions when you are reading together. For example:

  • What do you see on this page?
  • How do you think the characters feel?
  • What do you think is going to happen next?

When you have finished, talk about how your child feels about the book:

  •  What did they like?
  •  What didn’t they like?
  • What can they remember about what happened?
  •  Who was their favourite character? Why?
  •  Link the story to their own experiences.
  • Can they remember when they did something similar? Most importantly, have fun!




In KS2 we use Dojo points and at the end of the week the dojo point champion is awarded a certificate. We also have a helpwr Heddiw certificate for children who are speaking Welsh and a VIP who is chosen at the end of the week.



 You can follow us on Twitter @BadenPowellPS


Miss Letman & Mrs Dolan



Daily 10 - Mental Maths Challenge - Topmarks





Anifeiliaid Anwes Vocabulary

Oes anifeiliaid anwes gyda ti?                           Do you have any pets?                      

Oes / Nag oes                                                  Yes / No                                                                                      

 Oes mochyn gini gyda Sam?                              Does Sam have a guinea pig?                                              

Wyt ti eisiau cath?                                           Do you want a cat?

Ydw, dw i eisiau cath.                                       Yes, I want a cat.

Nag ydw, dw i ddim eisiau ci.                            No, I don’t want a dog

Mae crwban gyda Sam.                                     Sam has a tortoise.

Does dim ceffyl gyda Sam.                               Sam doesn’t have a horse.


Mae’r ci yn chwarae yn y parc.                          The dog plays in the park.

Mae’r ci yn hoffi bwyta bisgedi.                       The dog likes eating biscuits.

Mae’r eliffant yn byw yn y .                          The elephant lives in the zoo.


aderyn                          bird

cath                             cat

ceffyl                          horse

ci                                 dog

crwban                         tortoise

cwningen                      rabbit

hamster                        hamster

llygoden                       mouse

mochyn gini                  guinea pig

neidr                            snake

pysgodyn                      fish

eliffant                        elephant

panda                            panda

 cynffon              tail           

 tafod                          tongue                                                                        

clustiau                        ears                                                 

 coler ci                     dog collar                                                                           

 cot                                     coat

hoffi                            to like

bwyta                           to eat

gwisgo                          to wear

cysgu                            to sleep

rhedeg                         to run