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Class 12

Croeso i Dosbarth 12!

Welcome to Class 12! 


Miss Davies - Class Teacher
Miss Link - PPA Teacher


Autumn Term 2

Our topic this term continues with 'The Victorians'.


Important dates

We have our trip to Big Pit coming up this week on Thursday 14th. Don't forget to pack some warm clothes! 

Our Year 5 class assembly is on the 28th of November at 9.30am - everyone is welcome. 



It is so important that by Year 5 the children are more confident with their times tables. They are used daily in some way or other and your child will benefit greatly if they are encouraged to practice them regularly so they have a quick recall of facts. This can be done through writing them down, chanting them or playing games! There are lots of great games online that your child could benefit from. One of my favourites is Hit the Button created by Top Marks. 

Try it for yourself!



We use Welsh as part of all our lessons and throughout the day, not just in Welsh lessons. The children love playing a range of games during the daily 'Helpwr Heddiw' sessions. 



All children have a school email address and a Hwb account. It would be fantastic if they do any extra work at home, they could then email it to my account and we can share what they've done.  

Snack is £1 in the juniors. For that your child will receive snack every day.



It is so important that your child wears their school uniform to school every day. It has a number of benefits, such as your child feeling a part of the school community. We have a reward system in school called the VIP of the week (Very Important Pupil) Every class has a new VIP each week and they have earned the right to wear their own clothes to school and sit on the bench during assembly. It is a special week for that child and it is clear for the adults and visitors to the school to see who has been working hard. So, if your child is wearing non-uniform and they are not VIP, it will take away the special reward that the VIP has earned for that week. 

P.E. is on Tuesday for this term as we have Charlotte from Upbeat teaching creative dance. Your child can change into P.E. kit if they will feel more comfortable during our dance sessions. 

We will give out homework at the start of the half term and it will also be on the website. There are a range of tasks and enough for one per week. These can be done at any point during the half term and your child will be given dojo points as a reward for any homework that is completed. The tasks could be done on paper, printed out or emailed to There is a copy of the homework tasks at the top of this page if you have lost your sheet. 



Please bring reading books every day! There aren't set days when each child reads, but we try to read as often as possible, so by making sure book bags are in school, your child won't miss any opportunities. Our reading rota is on a cycle of individual reading one week and then group guided reading the week after. 




Da iawn to Class 12 on fantastic swimming lessons before half term! Remember to use your vouchers if you were offered free lessons. 



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