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Croeso i dudalen Dosbarth 10

Welcome to Class 10's page.

Class 10 learning


This is one of the most important skills. Reading is used for every subject in school and vital for life! You must read every night for 10/15 minutes (or more of course!). Bring your book every day to school - signed by whoever reads with you!

Fruit Snack

 Bring £1.00 to school on a Monday, every week for snack. We use any left over for other classroom resources. 



Please make sure your school uniform has your name on it.  Don't forget your coat! This is to make sure that there are no mix-ups, or if you lose your jumper, it can be returned to you as soon as possible.



We are trialing a new type of homework. We have given the pupils a 'Homework Menu'. Pupils have been given a list of homework they can complete over this half term. Each week they choose the homework they wish to complete, do it in their books and date the menu to say that piece has been completed. So far pupils and parents have said they have enjoyed the variety and pupils are feeling more independent. 


PE / The Prince William Award

We are very lucky to be the only year group in Baden Powell Primary to be involved with Skillforce these are included as our PE lessons and focus on our adventurous activities. . Pupils are working towards achieving their Prince William Award. The instructor, Becky, comes to class every Friday afternoon and focuses on a different characteristic each week to develop. Through practical activities, discussions and a small amount of writing it is hoped pupils will have improved patience, perseverance, listening skills and teamwork. The class are loving the session with Becky so far!


Welsh Topic


Our welsh topic this term is 'Yr Ysgol'. Our sentence pattern are:

Wyt ti'n hoffi _____?                            Ydw, dw i'n hoffi ___________________

                                                              Nag ydw, dw i'n ddim yn hoffi _________

AND                                                     Dw i'n dwlu _________ achos mae'n _________

                                                              Mae'n gas 'da fi ________ achos mae'n ___________


Wyt ti'n gallu ____ wneud?                  Dw i'n gallu _____________

                                                             Dw i ddim yn gallu _________ ond mae'n well 'da fi ______




Our Summer Term


This term we are focusing on The Stuarts


Pupils are learning about The Great Fire of London, The Plague and the kings and queens during the Stuart period. 



Mr Davies


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